Drug Induced Nephrotoxicity Treatment: Synthetic and Herbal Drugs


Author(s): Sabreena Naz, Kislaya Mishra, and Ali Abbas Rizvi

The evolution in the field of medicine is to develop new drugs to treat an ailment. So, it is never that the finding a better drug for treatment can stop. But the debate on picking a natural or synthetic system of medicine with the better ability to treat will be eternal. This creates dilemma in the treatment of different diseases and disorder and so in the nephrotoxicity. As we go through the literatures, we find different ways and drugs for the treatment of nephrotoxicity. Every system has advantages and corresponding disadvantages within itself corresponding to that of drugs. This article is all about the different nephroprotective drug used or present in literature, there advantages (nephroprotection ability) and disadvantages (side effects and less efficacy).