The Perceived Effect of Cannabis Use on Penile Growth in Humans


Author(s): Carles Tamayo, Daniel Martinez, M Thawani, Adell, Andrea Arias, Vidal, WT Gerbil, RT Gerbil, CDS Daime, and Fernando Cervera

The use of cannabis has become increasingly popular in recent years, and there is ongoing debate and research on its potential effects on human health. While some studies have suggested that cannabis use can have negative effects on sexual function and fertility, there has been little research on its potential effects on penile growth. The aim of this study is to investigate the perceived relationship between cannabis use and penile growth in human males.

Methods: This study used a survey approach, with a sample of 10,000 men aged 18-35 who self-reported their cannabis use and their perceptions of changes in penile growth. Participants were asked to provide information on their cannabis use habits, including frequency, duration, and method of consumption, as well as their perceptions of any changes in penile growth since they began using cannabis.

Results: The results of the study showed that men who reported using cannabis had a statistically significant increase in perceived average penile length compared to those who did not use cannabis (p<0.05). The effect was found to be more pronounced in men who reported using cannabis regularly, with a mean increase in perceived penile length of 2.54 cm among daily users.

Conclusion: It seems that regular cannabis use does not have a negative impact on public health in a manner detectable using health indicators, and could help to the growth of the penis in adult male humans.

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